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Computer Class

student testimonials

"This class is very exciting... The teacher is nice and helps us a lot..."

M. Berrios

L. Ruiz

"Excellent class... work at your own pace... all the necessary technical support you need..."

"This is a really great class to learn any program and to be able to do the work at your own pace... This is class is good for anyone who is trying to better their computer skills..."

J. Cervantes

"It's awesome... I'm learning new things every day. It's convenient for busy people who work..."

A. Guevara

M. Pedraza

"I like this class so far... It is pretty easy..."

"After taking Word in Computer Applications, I have learned so many 'short-cuts' as well as very valuable and new information about the program... Everyone could benefit from taking this class..."

T. Hernandez

"...Sherry and Pinky are good at helping you when you need it... class is quiet so you can do your work..."

K. Flores

"Computer Applications is very helpful to me...I've been learning many things that I didn't know about Microsoft programs... "

Y. Ortega

"This class encourages you to keep going... Good environment and classmates... excellent teacher... you can work at your own pace... flexible schedule..."

L. Valenzuela

"It's a great class. I enjoy being here. I have learned a lot..."

T. Rodriguez

"This program is very helpful. It helps the young and adults learn and improve their computer skills. It is a necessary class to get ahead in this technology driven society. Thank you for the patience and help..."

D. Melendez

"I love this class! The programs are excellent..."

E. Proctor

"Very informative, teacher is good at explaining what we have to do... able to work at your own pace. I've seen people come to class, for the first time, afraid of touching a computer, but with help from the teacher, they are very knowledgeable now..."

R. Gonzalez

"This class is very helpful, I like the fact that we can work at our own pace, the teachers is always ready to help when we need her... I also like the flexible schedule..."

C. Casas

"Sherry is a great teacher. She is very helpful and very kind. Nothing but good  vibes in this classroom. Highly recommended!

                                               L. Alvarado

"It's very interesting, everything that I am learning. The teacher and her assistants are always kind helping us in class."

                                           M .Alvarenga

"It's very quiet, very helpful and the instructor helps out a lot"

                           D. Jimenez

"I like this class because every day I learn new things. Sometimes I have problems but the teacher is always available to help me."

                                             S. Cisneros

"I love this class! Sherry is the best!"


                                      M. Diaz

"Es interesante, el curso existe un ambiente muy bueno. La teacher Sherry very kind y atenta. Es un curso para obtener un buen trabajo en varias areas."

                                              L. Zuniga

"I like it, teacher (Mrs. Jimenez) is very nice, helpful/kind... respectful and gives space to the students. Attentive. Happy to be in her class..."

M. Perez

"Great class. All students work at our own pace. The teacher quickly answers all our questions and even provides snacks and water for the students. Great experience!"

                                                     L .Pelayo

"At the beginning I felt the class was going to be no use to me because the class was instructed to only use books to learn Excel. Now after taking the class, I believe in the books along with the help of Mrs. Jimenez.

                                                       A. Miller

"I'm enjoying this class so very much. The instructor is funny and always willing to help"

                                   M. Andriani

"Classroom is very relaxed and stress free. It helps me learn and I am able to ask questions and get the assistance that I need. I enjoy the atmosphere. Everyone is very nice and helpful.

                                                M. Ramirez

"Super helpful; excellent tools to learn new programs. Really happy!"

                                   K. Pantoja

"It is very informative. Ms. Sherry is a nice and good instructor/teacher"


                                    D. Santos

"By far my favorite class in the Montebello Adult School. The moment I walk in is so peaceful. Sherry is such a helpful teacher. She makes sure we're all ok! Class is easy and best part is being able to learn and study at your own pace."

K. Guzman